It’s All About The Flavanols; MLM Health And Wellness Chocolate Business In Hyper-growth

We know the health and wellness industry is a top market today.  Consumers want to be healthy.  We are an aging population full of baby boomers and we are not ready to sit back in our retirement homes.  We are active, we are engaged, we are living life!  

In order to stay active and live our retirement enjoying life, it is essential that we pay attention to our health.  The industry is taking note.  Even in your local grocery store, you find larger sections of whole foods and healthy options.  Even brands we have come to know over the years are choosing to get rid of artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and changeyourchocolate (1)choosing GMO-free food sources.

chocolateinfoRecent studies and articles which verify the cardiovascular benefits of flavanols in chocolate are intriguing.  It is clear that chocolate is a growing marketplace.  A combination of a Health and Wellness Business and a “Healthy Chocolate” that 9 out of 10 people crave is a win-win.  No wonder Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. is heading into hyper-growth. I have been blessed to be in this business at the right time and the right place.

There is still time to get in to this Flavanol Antioxidant Rich Patented “Healthy Chocolate” market.  According to John McDermott, 30 year veteran financial analyst on Wall Street, this business would be a strong buy if it was a publically held corporation with a stock purchase option.  Since it is privately owned, his recommendation is to join the business to get in on the market growth.  Since Xocai Healthy Chocolate Co. is a network marketing business, most join as a distributor purchasing the nominal mega-wealth pack which provides all that is needed to get started in this business including product for sampling.  This ten-year old business is debt free and well poised to handle the anticipated hyper-growth.  Mitch Huhem, billionaire mentor was involved with the business branding and packaging of the gift box chocolates that have been wildly popular.  This business is poised for serious success.  Combined with the Technavio reports that clearly show a significant growth market for chocolate, there is nowhere to go but up.chocolateinfo4

Don’t miss your opportunity.  For a limited time, you can participate in this opportunity that will change lives by improving health and wealth.  This also is a perfect timing for Baby Boomers looking to retire but wanting additional income to enjoy retirement in the way they have envisioned.  Most get started with the mega-wealth pack option, although lower cost packages are available for those who are looking to start part-time.

Contact Lynette or Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC for details at (877) 208-8172 or visit their website at

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