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Christmas is over and it is almost 2016.

Now is a great time to start thinking about new business ventures.  Most of us have realized that working for someone else full-time is not enough income to create the wealth needed to reach our dreams.  Awhile back I created a dream board so I could focus on exactly what I wanted out of life.  I am well on my way to reaching my goals.  How about you?  Have you given up on your dreams?  If so, it is not too late to change course and follow a path of financial freedom.

I got involved with a great business opportunity over five years ago.  I get paid to share a product that nine of out of ten people crave.  Recently our business really started taking off and part of that is due to the MIT Millionaire In Training Program with Mitch Huhem only available to our business partners.  “Mitch Huhem, is an award winning investor, top entrepreneur, multi-million dollar MLM earner and expert trainer.  He has personally worked with and shared the stage with some of the most influential people in the world – Presidents, Heads of state, Billionaires and World champions, such as Donald Trump, President George Bush, General Colin Powell, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mikhail Gorbachev, Chuck Norris, World Champion George Foreman and many others.  Mitch Huhem is collaborating with The Healthy Chocolate Company to invest his IP, intellectual property and M.I.T. training systems to launch the company into hyper-growth.

I believe we will hit momentum soon and everyone will be craving our products.  Over the years I had received some training and read books on how to succeed in Network Marketing including a book by Eric Worre called Go Pro, Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional.  I loved this book, however I want more than just being a network marketing professional.  I wanted to be a highly successful network marketing professional.  For me the difference is taking your business up a notch.

Once I received the MIT Millionaire In Training Program with Mitch Huhem and really started doing the homework and really getting into the training, my business and those of my friends have flourished.  Except for the books I had read, the local training I had received was from my direct upline who were maybe a level above me.  I learned from this MIT training, that what you really need is to be trained by someone who has become wildly successful.  In fact, I would say you don’t want to have your training from anyone who has not at least obtained millionaire status.  It really makes sense.  Who better to show you how to become wildly successful than someone else who has done it before you?  I love that our business is set up with the support of millionaire earners in our business who are anxious and more than willing to help you succeed.

I can’t promise that any business will make you wildly successful, however I am now trained by someone who has shared with me tips to truly succeed in the direct sales business.  Do you think being trained by someone who is a millionaire or above offers an advantage?  I do.

In addition to the MIT Millionaire In Training program with Mitch Huhem, my husband and I also trained with Mitch Huhem in a small group setting reserved just for those seriousnewteam about growing their  business quickly.  To say this was helpful was an understatement.  I not only learned how to make my business work for me, I also learned what to do with my money and how to mange it correctly once I become a millionaire.  Having a millionaire mindset is so much different that having the mindset of an employee earning a paycheck.  Honestly my business degree taught me nothing about what I learned from Mitch Huhem.  If you are serious about a home based business, start the new year off with a bang.  Keep your current job and income to sustain yourself while your grow your business and work on building a highly successful part-time business.  Just know if you want to succeed, there is certainly a value in training from a millionaire or billionaire.  I wish I had learned that years before, but honestly better late than never.

If you have been in network marketing before but just never found the right opportunity at the right time or the right training, realize that training is vital to your success in network marketing and that a product that people already crave is a great option.  If you have never started your own home business, this is also perfect for you.  If you are looking to retire, stay home with the kids, cut back on your schedule or have the flexibility to travel and do the things that matter to you, now is the opportunity to make that change you have been dreaming about.  Is it a new home, ability to stay home with the kids, more time with the family, new car, ability to pay for the kids college education or add-on a mother in law suite for your parents as they age?  Whatever you desire, you have the opportunity to achieve it with your own business.  It is all up to you.

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Right now is an amazing time to start your business.  I am so excited about the regional event in Fort Lauderdale on January 8th, 2016.  I love it starts the New Year with a bang.  If you can make it to the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Pompano Beach Florida for this event with Mitch Huhem, you don’t want to miss it!  Free tickets to the event are available with many of the starter packages you are able to purchase.  If you are not quite ready but can make it to Fort Lauderdale, call us at (877) 208-8172 and we will work our magic to get you into this event.  Our event is held right off the beach at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale.  Imagine the beautiful weather you will experience in Fort Lauderdale and the millionaires and billionaires who will be in attendance.  You don’t want to miss this.

wynlynWe are Lynette & Wayne Henk of Three Sons Marketing LLC out of Punta Gorda, FL.  We are here to support you as you start this life changing adventure.  We can also put you in touch with one of many of our millionaires.  They are happy to share what has worked for them.  Now is the time.  Waiting just a single day can make a difference.  Join us today.  We are available at MyChocolateSolution.com, at (877) 208-8172 or at info@healthychocolate.website.  Hurry and contact us today!


The Healthy Chocolate Company aligns with Billion-Dollar Strategist by Ted Nuyten, Business For Home, https://www.businessforhome.org/2015/09/the-healthy-chocolate-company-aligns-with-billion-dollar-strategist/



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