What Happens When A Restaurant Owner Yells At The Customers; How A Business Owner Risked The Success Of Their Business In One Fell Swoop

residualI had an interesting lunch last week with a group of friends.  We went to a very popular restaurant in our area.  There were some issues with our lunch so one of the gals went to talk to the manager quietly.  She did not want to make a big fuss but wanted the issue addressed.  What happened next was truly shocking.  The chef came out and literally yelled at our large group to the point that other patrons were turning around and clearly disturbed.  I don’t know what kind of stress this chef and owner of the restaurant was under, but I can’t believe that the way to resolve any issue is by yelling at a large group of local women visiting your restaurant.

As a business owner or a self-employed individual, treating your retail and wholesale customers with respect should be a given. I can’t underscore enough the importance of being tactful. In a perfect world the customer is always right.  We know that is not always accurate however treating a customer with respect is vital to the success of your business.  In a situation where the customer has misunderstood the situation, there is a tactful way to address it.  I can’t think of a time that it would be appropriate to raise your voice in anger to a large group to the point that the entire restaurant can hear the chef and owner talk down to the customers.  Unfortunately this may negatively affect the success of the restaurant.

Your brand is much more than just the product or service you provide.  In addition to the quality of the food, product or service, how the customer is treated is an integral part of the experience.  I don’t care if your food is the best on the planet, if customers are afraid to enter because they will be bereated by the chef or owner, they are not likely to return. Unfortunately for the restaurant, the people in the restaurant when this occurred are likely to remember this incident in a less than positive light.  I felt so bad for one of the older women who put her head down on the table and was clearly shaken by the experience of how she was treated.  She must have been in her seventies and she said she had never ever been treated in such a manner by everyone. I believe her, the experience was unusual.  The importance of customer service is  vital to every business.  Clearly those that take the time to appreciate a customer will find they are more successful.  A restaurant that treats customer with respect and has great food and service will continue to be successful.  A sales person who lets the customer know they are important and treats them with success will have a much higher success ratio than a sales person who does not care about the customer.  A mortgage broker who cares about the customer is the same one that will get repeat business from customers and their friends and family.

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lynettewaynebrandedAlways consider the whole package.  People buy from you because they trust you.  They go to your restaurant because they like the food and the experience.  One is not mutually exclusive.  In my healthy chocolate business, I am successful because I treat my customers and distributors with the utmost respect.  It is better to bite your tongue than lose the business.

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