Success Tips For Business People Who Work From Home, Telecommute Or Have A Home Based Business

barndoorThere are so many advantages to working from home but honestly there are advantages to working in an office away from home as well.  Often it is assumed that having the flexibility to work from home is so wonderful and there are no concerns whatsoever. This just isn’t true.  When you get dressed for work, get in your car, drive to work and reach your office, you are mentally preparing yourself for the day and for work.  When you work from home, you may work in your pajamas, your casual sweats and not even be concerned with looking your best if you don’t have any in person client meetings that day.  The problem is you have not mentally prepared yourself for your day which means you could lose track of your time and not getting everything done for the day.  Add to that the laundry you do on your lunch break, the phone ringing for personal business and other household issues that may come up.  Then the kids come home from school and you are focused on them for a while.  The very reasons we want to work from home can easily become a distraction if you are not careful.  

What to do?

1) Get dressed in professional clothes.  Dress for success.  Don’t wear your sweats or jammies, actually get dressed for work just like you are going into the office.  Wait til you see the difference in your productivity.

2)  Have a set area to work.  Ideally you will have a home office, but honestly you can work from your pool, screened porch or lanai, dining room table or even the living room.

3)  Allow for the flexibility inherent in working from home.  Schedule times for your work.  If you need to make calls, schedule them.  If you need to make calls to team members, schedule them.  If you are going to contact prospects, schedule it.  Whatever needs to be done, have a set schedule.

4)  Let your friends know your schedule.  If you make calls every morning from 8-10 am for example, let them know you are unavailable to talk at that time.  If they continue to call you during that time, gently remind them you are working and will call them back.  Call them back later and be consistent.  Same goes for neighbors dropping by.  If they stop by when you are working, let them know you are unavailable during certain hours.  If you are consistent. your neighbors and friends will start to understand you still have a job to do, you just do it at home.

As a mom of three boys, the ability to work from home has been a blessing.  With some planning and rules for friends and family, working from home can provide flexibility and newteamfreedom.  Over the years I have worked from home for employers and for myself as a network marketer.  I enjoy working for myself more since I control when I want to work, how much I want to do and how much I want to earn.  When I worked for an employer from home, I received an hourly pay and felt like I had to work harder than everyone in the office to prove I was actually working.  I was limited in when I could take vacations, what hours I was scheduled to work.  Working for myself allowed me to attend school functions when the kids were in school, we were able to plan special events, vacations and trips and I could even work from another location.  Regardless if you work in an office, work as an employee from home or work as a network marketer like I do, taking the time to plan your day always pays off in increased productivity.  Would you like to have the ability to fire your employer and work from home?  Consider starting your home based business part-time until you can fire your employer for good.

I am Lynette Henk, Gold Executive with Xocai, The Healthy Chocolate Company.  I share the gift of chocolate every day. Ask me how you can get paid to share the healthiest chocolate in the world by giving gifts of chocolate.  I can be reached at (877) 208-8172 or you can visit my website at


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