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Small Business Owners Generate Additional Income Stream By Sharing Healthy Chocolate Company Health Products

Admit it, even the best of us have times in our business when we struggle.  Where I live in Punta Gorda, local businesses do amazingly well during season when the winter visitors arrive to take advantage of the… Read More

It’s All About The Flavanols; MLM Health And Wellness Chocolate Business In Hyper-growth

We know the health and wellness industry is a top market today.  Consumers want to be healthy.  We are an aging population full of baby boomers and we are not ready to sit back in our retirement homes…. Read More

Best Business Ever With Mentoring By Mitch Huhem At Fort Lauderdale Beach in 2016! Loving The Beach View At The Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

I enjoyed the view from the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa in Fort Lauderdale today.  If you get the chance to visit, be sure to sit in this huge chair out by the beach. My husband convinced… Read More

Benefit of Start-up, Strength of Debt Free 10 Year Business Launches Company Into Hyper-Growth. Catch The Wave In Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida 2016

So were you happy with your results and income from 2015? Forget what happened last year.  The tide is turning my friend and you have just happened upon something so exciting that it could honestly change your life…. Read More

Looking For Success in Direct Sales Or Network Marketing; Be Trained By A Millionaire or Billionaire

Christmas is over and it is almost 2016. Now is a great time to start thinking about new business ventures.  Most of us have realized that working for someone else full-time is not enough income to create the… Read More

What You Need To Know About Celebration, Florida near Orlando This Christmas Holiday Season 2015

Why you should visit Celebration, Florida the next time you go to the Orlando Disney World area. If you are looking for a romantic, magical trip down vintage lane, Celebration Florida should be on your list of places… Read More

Everyone Wants Healthy Chocolate In The Elevator Near Seaworld In Orlando Florida

I recently attended an event in Orlando called the Mastermind event.  It is an amazing event for professional networkers and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Direct sales and network marketer professionals from many network marketing businesses were at the… Read More

MLM Network Insider Scoop; What Network Marketing Company is Well On Their Way To Be The Next 33 Billion Mars?

Have you heard the lastest Network Marketing buzz?  When Mitch Huhem decided to partner with Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company, those watching the industry knew this was a big deal.  In fact, if you just follow a company like… Read More

Give Gifts? Can You Really Build A Successful Home Based Business By Gifting?

I recently heard about a new concept in growing my home based business.  It was called “gifting” and it was mentioned by millionaire mentor guru Mitch Huhem when I recently attended a Healthy Chocolate Company conference in Nashville.  It… Read More

Mitch Huhem; Entrepreneur, Speaker & Innovator Offers To Help You Win & Succeed in Network Marketing

I was recently at an event in Nashville to hear motivational speaker Mitch Huhem speak over the weekend. To say this man is dynamic and inspired is an understatement.  His mission is to help you Win & Succeed…. Read More

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