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What You Need To Know About Celebration, Florida near Orlando This Christmas Holiday Season 2015

Why you should visit Celebration, Florida the next time you go to the Orlando Disney World area. If you are looking for a romantic, magical trip down vintage lane, Celebration Florida should be on your list of places… Read More

What Happens When A Restaurant Owner Yells At The Customers; How A Business Owner Risked The Success Of Their Business In One Fell Swoop

I had an interesting lunch last week with a group of friends.  We went to a very popular restaurant in our area.  There were some issues with our lunch so one of the gals went to talk to… Read More

Success Tips For Business People Who Work From Home, Telecommute Or Have A Home Based Business

There are so many advantages to working from home but honestly there are advantages to working in an office away from home as well.  Often it is assumed that having the flexibility to work from home is so… Read More

When Do You Get To Enjoy Life And The Things That Make You Happy? At What Point Are You Successful Enough?

When I talk to people, I find that no matter what someone chooses for a profession, they say time and time again that they don’t have the time to do the things they love.  How about you?  Are… Read More

MLM Network Insider Scoop; What Network Marketing Company is Well On Their Way To Be The Next 33 Billion Mars?

Have you heard the lastest Network Marketing buzz?  When Mitch Huhem decided to partner with Xocai Healthy Chocolate Company, those watching the industry knew this was a big deal.  In fact, if you just follow a company like… Read More

Start Dreaming Again; Figure Out What You Want And Make It Happen

Do you remember when you were a little girl or boy?  Think back to that time and think about what you dreamed about or what you wanted out of life. I wanted a nice brown and white Tudor… Read More

Give Gifts? Can You Really Build A Successful Home Based Business By Gifting?

I recently heard about a new concept in growing my home based business.  It was called “gifting” and it was mentioned by millionaire mentor guru Mitch Huhem when I recently attended a Healthy Chocolate Company conference in Nashville.  It… Read More

Creating A New Stream Of Income While You Work From Home And Live Your Life

 I am going to let you in on a secret.  My job is not that hard.  It is so easy to do, almost anyone can do it.  That said, it does take work.  I can work from home,… Read More

Advantages Of Working From Home When They Are Paving The Roads or A Tropical Storm Or Hurricane Is Headed Your Direction

I have been waiting in anticipation for the roads in our subdivision to finally be paved.  It would be helpful to know when that might occur, however here in Florida it is difficult to confirm with certainty what… Read More

Affordable Retirement Residual Income Wealth Building Plan Options In Florida

Florida is one of the best states to retire in according to the Huffington Post article “10 Reasons Florida Will Always Be The Best State To Retire In”.  For years before my husband and I and our children… Read More

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